Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Final Vision

One last look, a final vision of the Trillium, and what have I to say of it?

---Basically the same thing I said in the beginning.

I believe that as it will be small, I think it will be better to be limited and good than large and poor. I believe our "fewer, better" motto has been put to good, despite our struggle.

One thing I would say of the journal for next time: RECRUIT.
I think the focus should be on getting people to submit. Getting EVERYONE to submit. The more submissions, the more good and bad submissions. And the bad will most definitely be worth deciphering through for the good, as we have learned.

I also think it would be great to start work as early on in the year as possible. Get people to know about it first thing next fall. And maybe because we put more pressure early on to submit, we could back the deadline up and use our class time more efficiently. Just an idea...

I think it's been great, and I anticipate an even better one next year.

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