Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Submissions and a Snow Patrol Song

My thoughts on the current state of Trillium and the submissions:
Ummm….. Let’s hope there’s more.

Ironically enough, while reading through the submissions I was listening to the Snow Patrol song, "Just Say Yes" and everytime the chorus would play I would find myself striking a "NO" on the page. Maybe, I should re-read and re-think. Or maybe not.

I won’t say anything too terribly negative about the submissions.
Reason #I: They actually submitted work! Brilliant!

And #II: Because this is all just really an opinion of what we want to express the feeling (one group of people’s opinions) of Piedmont College.

I wasn’t exactly THRILLED with this packet of submissions. But, I anticipate many other great works coming in; not that any of these don’t have great potential, but ones that would greatly convey our thoughts of Piedmont’s artistic talents.

True creativity cannot die. And because of this, whether we chose a piece or not, it really won’t matter. If these people want to be published, and truly have the art and love of writing, music, painting, drawing, photography, etc. living inside of them, they will continue to work, and they will get published. Perhaps not by Trillium, but somewhere, they will.

In short, as I wasn’t impressed, I’m excited and ready to soak in more.
And so the hunger begins…….

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